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Hi Everyone

Thanks so much to you all for making it to classes over the last weeks - either in the lovely River Room, or on Zoom. It's been wonderful seeing old faces again and meeting new ones.

I realise that there is still uncertainty in the air regarding Covid and social distancing, so the information provided below could change by September and I will update you with any changes. For now though, below is what I’m planning for Autumn. The Mill has asked that people still wear masks in communal spaces and for my classes, I am expecting to continue with 11 spaces in the River Room. But it will be fine to use all River Room equipment.


  1. 6-week block from Monday 6th September - Saturday 16th October
  2. 6-week block from Monday 1st November – Saturday 11th December


Schedule (**RR = face-to-face + Z = Zoom)

Monday 7.00 – 8.15pm                   Hatha Flow (with runners & cyclists in mind) RR only

Tuesday 12.30 – 2pm                      Hatha Flow RR only

Wednesday 6.15 – 7.45pm             Hatha Flow RR + Z

Friday 10 – 11.30am                       Gentle Yoga RR + Z

Friday 6.15 – 7.45pm                       Yin-Restorative (***ONLY the 4th  Friday of every month –

      e.g., 24th September 22nd October 26th November) RR + Z

Saturday 9 – 10.30am                     Saturday Refresh Yoga RR + Z


Booking & Payment

You can choose to a) Drop-in; b) book a 6-week block for a specific class or c) buy a book of tickets which can be used for any class in any order, over the 6-week period (providing there is space).

Please book here – https://bookwhen.com/rebeccayoga  - and please make sure to make the correct booking – either per 6-week block or per weekly class

Please make all payments to Rebecca J Ellis. SC 402702. AC 01528297

 NB: please note that if you buy a book of tickets, they need to be used up ONLY within the 6-week block – i.e., they cannot be carried over to later weeks.


River Room

Drop-In @ £10

3 classes @ £27

6 classes @ £50

10 classes @ £75

12 classes @ £85


ZOOM - payment is by DONATION for as many classes during a 6-week block.
Suggested donation:
Drop-in @ £8
6 classes @ £40
12 classes @ £60
20 classes @ £90





About Me

I was introduced to yoga as a teenager and have practiced on and off ever since. It wasn’t until my 40s, however, that I fell deeply in love with this ancient practice.

I love the physical strength, flexibility and release it gives me. Most of all though I love the way in which yoga, in its fullest sense, makes me feel more alive than I had ever hoped for. And part of this feeling of vitality has meant becoming ever more sensitive to the vastness of what it means to be human, including some of the bits I might rather avoid. Living with yoga means living with and embracing contradiction.

Wanting to deepen and share this practice, I decided to train as a yoga teacher and qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga in 2016. I teach a variety of classes, drawing on different styles of yoga and always aiming to be as inclusive of all types of bodies, range of experience as possible.


Jane (practising 1+ years)

I’ve been attending Rebecca’s classes on the advice of my osteopath. I’m 65 and quite stiff with an occasional dodgy back and knees that have just about survived two instances of surgery when I was a child. I also seem to fall over a lot and have come off worse for wear when dealing with…

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Theresa (practising 1 year)

My week and indeed my life have been lifted to a new place ever since I’ve been coming to your wonderful yoga classes. You have an extraordinary talent for conveying what I believe is the real essence of yoga. I have learnt so much through your teaching about automatic responses to life, and how through…

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John (practising 25 years)

Rebecca loves to teach yoga and this shines through in her classes, which she leads with insight, creativity and humour, making everyone feel welcome, she addresses the whole essence of yoga which leaves me feeling empowered, refreshed and joyful!

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Caron (practising 2 years)

I was an absolute beginner and a little nervous about yoga when I first went to Rebecca’s Gentle Yoga class on a Friday morning in the very beautiful River Room at Halton Mill. Two years on and I am very pleased I started. The class is mixed ability and can be as light or strong…

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Adrian (practising 1 year)

As a relative newby to yoga I was a initially a little nervous, Rebecca managed to naturally create a relaxed environment, which eased this anxiety. The classes where themed in a way that supported the kind of grounding I required – after being diagnosed with PTSD, Ashtanga was recommended to me. Rebecca was intuitive to…

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Andrea (practising on and off for years)

Rebecca truly is the most wonderful yoga teacher. I always look forward to her classes…she takes such care in making each one different, I seem to learn something new each week. Rebecca often reads out a beautiful or thought provoking quote or chapter. I always leave wishing I could bottle the feeling I have the…

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Dave (practising 1 year)

I always feel better after one of Rebecca’s yoga classes than I did before, which is about as good an advert for her as I can imagine!

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Rosie (practising 43 years)

I began attending Rebecca’s classes before the inception of the River Room- a welcoming and beautiful space. Rebecca’s teaching is grounded on her serious study of yoga and is always thoughtful and sensitive to the abilities of her students. Her inclusive classes provide challenges for those who seek them though everyone is catered for. There…

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Julie (practising 4 years)

Perfectly tailored flowing yoga for all abilities delivered in a calming, supportive and encouraging style helping you to gain the most from your practice.

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Donna (practising 7 years)

Rebecca is a gifted yoga teacher, in every sense of what that might mean. Her gentle and nurturing approach guides and encourages us through our practice, even when she is being tough. She is also one of life’s ‘yoga’ scholars, and dotted throughout her classes I love how she shares new insights, understandings and reflective…

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Diana (practising 2 years)

I find Rebecca an inspiring yoga teacher. Her commitment to it feels deep and heartfelt. I really appreciate and enjoy the calm and meditative atmosphere in her beautiful room, her attention to breathing and micro movements, and the generosity of what she offers of herself.

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Margaret (practising 1 year)

I felt immediately welcomed and supported when I joined Rebecca’s Gentle Yoga class on Friday mornings at the River Room, Halton. Each week I learn more about the breath, the postures, the body … and myself. Rebecca’s style of teaching suits me and it is a joy to hear her quote a poem or a quotation…

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Sue (practising 2 years)

Whenever I feel a bit meh and reluctant to go to yoga Rebecca hits the spot with a great mix of poses and relaxation, delivered with equanimity and good humour. Rebecca has the gift of managing to hold the class, so that everyone feels supported and valued; she inspires confidence while also being humble, and…

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