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Caron (practising 2 years)

I was an absolute beginner and a little nervous about yoga when I first went to Rebecca’s Gentle Yoga class on a Friday morning in the very beautiful River Room at Halton Mill. Two years on and I am very pleased I started. The class is mixed ability and can be as light or strong as you wish to make it. Rebecca provides adaptations for any limitations people in the class have and she has an abundance of bricks, bolsters, belts and other accessories to make postures more accessible. I love doing a mixture of postures, breathing practice and relaxation. I also enjoy learning why we are doing a particular sequence and how it will help different parts of my body. As a result of Rebecca’s teaching I am much more aware of my body and how I am feeling, I am more flexible, stronger and much more physically confidant. I find myself doing postures in the classes and activities outside the classes with a clarity and confidence I am really enjoying. So thank you Rebecca!