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Ease Into The Week: Monday Evening iRest Meditations with Will

8.45-9.30 pm, Zoom

Monday 2nd November – 14th December

As we head into the heart of the winter, these Monday evening guided meditations offer a space for you to start your week feeling restored, whole and at peace! Each week a guided iRest®  (Yoga Nidra) meditation will nurture a sense of inner calm, bring relaxation through the body and breath, create space to explore emerging emotions and thoughts, and lead you into to a deeper sense of stillness.  You don’t need to do or know anything to participate.  As simple as that.

This is not a course – each week will be a stand-alone session.

What to expect? Arriving on Zoom you’ll be invited to take a short pause to see how you are.  After a 5 minute introduction to the session, you will set yourself up for the practice – you can sit or lie down – and then Will will lead you through a 30-35 minute iRest practice.

Zoom link:
Meditation with Will
Meeting ID: 813 4008 5337
Passcode: 890741
Costs: if you are able, please make a donation to a charity of your choice for attending.