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My teaching combines yoga styles: synchronizing breath and movement in the dynamic style of Vinyasa Flow, working closely with static posture alignment in Hatha and melting into the meditative, less dynamic postures of Yin. This is about more than working your body – everything we practice physically in yoga is intimately informed by an ancient, rich and fascinating philosophy going back thousands of years and yet more relevant today than ever. I weave aspects of this philosophy into the teaching of breathing techniques, physical postures, relaxation and meditation.

One of the things I love most about teaching is looking around the room and seeing levels of experience ranging form complete beginners through to yoga teachers. I find it so rewarding to design and teach a class which will meet each person at their particular level of energy and experience on any particular day. Through my classes, my aim is for you to feel wonderfully stretched, spacious and strengthened, your breathing smooth and regular and with a deep sense of calm and alignment with what matters in life.



My Hatha Flow classes combine creative flow with a focus on specific postures and parts of the body. We synchronise breath with movement, build up strength, flexibility and finely tune our external and internal alignment. The class is for mixed ability but a certain level of physical fitness is advisable. It is a class in which you can choose to take it relatively easy or work up to stronger challenges, depending on how you feel on the day.


In Yin Yoga we work very close to the mat, holding poses for between 3-5 minutes so to work deep into the connective tissue (Fascia) of the body. Yin tends not to work at a muscular level although sometimes it is beneficial to introduce a little bit of muscle and movement (yang) into a Yin practice. Yin can best be understood as an embodied meditation. We have time to become very intimate with our breath and our mind and through this beautiful practice experience ever-deepening tranquillity and release. Sometimes we practice Restorative Yoga using lots of cushions, bolsters, blankets to find full comfort in the posture. In these classes, we give ourselves permission to fully rest and let go, focussing particularly on calming the nervous system.


In this Gentle class, we combine slow flow with specific posture work. The class proceeds at a slower pace than the Hatha Flow class, taking longer over poses and transitions between them. This class is perfect for beginners or if you just feel you want a more gentle experience on the mat. In many ways, a gentler class can be more advanced in that we spend more time really enquiring into the poses, breath and movement.


There are a few obvious areas specific to cyclists that yoga can truly benefit – hamstrings, abductor muscles, the pelvis and lower back. In these classes we work through the body so to target these specific areas to keep them flexible and healthy as well as exploring ways to keep the shoulders and neck open and relaxed. My hope is that the class will leave your body feeling deeply stretched and released; a perfect ‘prehab’ before the weekend. This class is for complete beginners or for cyclists who already practice yoga. The classes can be as challenging or as restful as you want them to be. They’re turning out to be rather popular with a warm and fun atmosphere. If you’re interested in yoga but worried that it’s not cool, just remember that Bradley Wiggins practises yoga to strengthen his core without adding muscle bulk and Cadel Evans says yoga has helped him develop his flat back posture!


The Saturday class is a fun ‘lucky dip’ class. We combine different yoga styles (yin, vinyasa flow, hatha) and the flow will vary each week. The class is for mixed ability and aimed for anyone whether you are new to yoga or already have years of practice. As in my other classes, we will My aim will be for all of us to fully enjoy the class and to leave feeling light, refreshed and energised; all ready for the rest of the weekend.


Drop-in £9

Each term I recommend block bookings which end up cheaper. The ‘tickets’ can be used for any class or combination of classes within a specific time period.

At the moment (September – Christmas) there are the following options

15 classes £100

10 classes £70

8 classes £60

5 classes £40

Please contact me to book.